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The S.I.N.C.E.R.E. Leadership Quiz

SCORE: 31-45
Your score indicates that you are skilled at using behavioral science to heal toxicity at work.

One–or more–of these statements probably applies to you.

You are skilled at setting work boundaries–or have let toxic team members go, but you feel frustrated when more privileged (and more ignorant) colleagues tell you:

🤡 “Can’t you just be nice?” 
(No, not when someone’s literally abusing people or committing illegal or unethical acts. Then they need to be let go, Chad.)
🤡 “You were making too big a deal out of this.”
(When you have a business to run and you’re not hired to be an adult babysitter.)
🤡 “I don’t think toxicity exists. Everyone should be given a chance.”
(When you gave this person multiple chances, more patience than a saint, they still fucked up royally, and you had to make an executive decision to take the garbage out.)

You had to learn behavioral science skills “the hard way” due to personal and professional experience and you’d like some formal credit and recognition for your work. 
You’d like a professional community that affirms your skills, values, and hard work–instead of being around more privileged colleagues that criticize you for making the hard decisions that they were not brave enough to make 🍵.

Is this you?

Be Acknowledged For The Amazing Leader You Are. 
Stop Listening to Mediocre, Privileged People Who Lack Your Bravery and Expertise.

Work with me and I will broadcast your skills, leadership, and expertise to the world by celebrating you on my blog and shouting you out on my podcast.

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