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The S.I.N.C.E.R.E. Leadership Quiz

SCORE: 16-30
Your score indicates that you apply some behavioral science skills in the workplace. You would benefit from individualized attention geared towards your specific situation.

One–or more–of these statements probably applies to you:

You are a lifelong learner and high achiever. You’ve read a lot of leadership books but are having trouble applying the principles you’ve learned to your specific industry. 
You have subscriptions to top industry or management publications, but are starting to feel frustrated because they don’t give you practical skills to manage toxicity at work.
You are a marginalized person–or someone of multiply marginalized identities (female, BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, fat, disabled, current or former sex worker). You were told one (or more) of the following things when encountering toxic behavior at work: 
“Ignore it and it will go away.” 🤡
(It didn’t…they were wrong. You were right.)
“You’re just thinking negatively.” 🤡
(When this person’s behavior negatively impacted morale, leading to turnover or lower  revenue, you called it out, and this made more privileged people uncomfortable.)
“This is just how it is in the industry.” 🤡
(No, it’s not, you’ve found evidence that people don’t have to suffer and have talked to much happier colleagues.)

Is this you?

Move From Exhausted Manager to Empowered Leader 
Using Battle-Tested Behavioral Science.

I’m really grateful for the information you’ve provided and the framework of this course. It’s saving my life and my spirit in a lot of ways that are subtle and powerful, and all of this is helping me to feel more confident in my desire to behave in ways that respect others while standing up for and protecting myself.
–Black American, Art & Culture Worker, Boston, MA
Learning the difference between permanent and temporary toxic behaviour was both really useful for me personally and as a [health care] practitioner. The distinctions also helped me allow myself to let go of unhealthy relationships that I’ve been holding out hope for,  which has freed up more energy for my own goals and looking after my well-being. Morna, United Kingdom
Before I used to feel very reactive towards abusive people. Mari’s tools helped me create emotional distance, so I’m able to respond vs react more frequently. –Pooja, Health Care Industry, California 

I know that I can help you.

I know that I can help you.  I’ve empowered hundreds of talented professionals in fields from education to STEM to heal toxicity in their workplaces.

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