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SCORE: -36 to -1
You were probably not the toxic person in this situation.  
You have strong coping and communication skills.  
You’ve probably been to therapy or done some in-depth personal growth work–which is an indication of your leadership qualities. 
You handled yourself very well under the circumstances and need to trust yourself more.

One–or more–of these statements probably applies to you:

You grew up in a situation where you were accused of being difficult, negative, or toxic by people who did not know how to manage their behavior.
You were in a personal or professional relationship where you second-guessed yourself because someone accused you of being too sensitive or overthinking. 
You were in a personal or professional relationship where your reality and competence was continuously questioned. 

Is this you?

Work with me to learn how to develop more self-trust and confidence as a leader by identifying, coping with, and eliminating toxic behavior from your spaces.
Before I used to feel very reactive towards abusive people. Mari’s tools helped me create emotional distance, so I’m able to respond vs react more frequently. –Pooja, California 
Learning the difference between permanent and temporary toxic behaviour was both really useful for me personally and as a [health care] practitioner. The distinctions also helped me allow myself to let go of unhealthy relationships that I’ve been holding out hope for,  which has freed up more energy for my own goals and looking after my well-being. Morna, United Kingdom
I don’t know you in real life, but I owe you part of my awakening. Latina Recovery Coach With 50K+ Followers 

I know that I can help you.

I’ve empowered hundreds of BIPOC leaders and their allies in fields from education to STEM.
However, I want to see if we’re a good fit for each other. 

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