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We help leaders, managers, and high achievers of marginalized identities (women, BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, fat, neurodivergent, disabled) and their allies become more autonomous through empowering them with knowledge based in behavioral science.


Effective leadership starts with mastering self-care. We know that the work of empowerment does not happen without self-care, and that self-care is the most basic form of empowerment. 


We advocate for justice for people of all marginalized—and multiply marginalized communities—and only work with individuals and organizations who have consistently demonstrated this value of justice. We are sex-worker friendly and believe survivors. We strive to center the struggle of marginalized and deliberately unheard people in our work. When we fall short, we strive to stay accountable. 

Lifelong Learning

We commit to providing the highest standard of coaching and consulting through continued, yearly learning centered upon advances in behavioral and social science. 


We have fun and cultivate a sense of humor. If you can laugh in the face of prejudice, toxicity and pressure, you’ve already won.