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Mari Verano, MA, LMFT

Founder of Mari Verano LLC, Mari is a Filipinx Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Therapist, Management Consultant and Human Performance Coach for BIPOC, anti-racist, and other marginalized professionals in leadership roles.

Mari has helped business owners, corporate executives and community leaders worldwide identify, cope with, and eliminate toxic behavior from their workplaces and lives. Her exclusive signature leadership certification, The S.I.N.C.E.R.E. Leadership Certification, is based in 12+ years of mental health experience helping clients from diverse communities get sober, leave unhealthy work environments, and heal from abusive relationships.

A Berkeley graduate, Mari is a featured expert on EduMed and The Society for Human Resource Management. She has also appeared in Cosmopolitan, UpJourney, OutwitTrade, Best Life Online, and on the Supportive Supervision Podcast. She is the author of the books “Holidays and Toxic Family” and “Exhausted To Empowered: A Workbook for Women of Color – 24 Exercises to Take Your Life Back From Drama.” 

Mari lives in Northern California with her fiancé. She enjoys hiking and birdwatching in her spare time.