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The S.I.N.C.E.R.E. Leadership Quiz

Do you know how much your leadership is helping your organization become a work environment where people want to work?


My name is Mari Verano, MA, LMFT.

I’m a Berkeley graduate, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with over 12 years of experience, a Certificate in Clinical Neuroscience, and the CEO of Mari Verano LLC.  

I am the creator of The S.I.N.C.E.R.E. Leadership Certification, a proprietary framework that heals toxicity at work–which is the root cause of why people leave.

I help you go from boss to unforgettable leader.

From manager to revered mentor.  

From the CEO that people “talk shit” about…
to the one people want to work with forever.

I wrote this quiz to assess how well you cope with toxic behavior and maximize good behavior at work.

Think about how you’ve acted in professional situations over the last year. 

Answer these questions based on how you have acted–not how you would like to act.

Disclaimer: This quiz does not replace in-depth, individualized help from a health professional or provide any diagnosis or treatment. By proceeding, you understand this statement and commit to seeking psychotherapy or medication support if needed. You also understand that Mari Verano, LLC will not be able to intervene in a crisis or court situation. Please seek your own legal and/or crisis resources.