Holidays and Toxic Family:

Practical Ways To Stay Sane and Take Your Joy Back

Do you dread the holidays? Wishing you could fly away to a desert island instead of spend time with family? Once that Christmas music starts you feel like you’re in a horror movie you can’t escape from. You feel like smashing your TV the next time you see another holiday movie where everyone lives “happily ever after”.  

Do the holidays remind you of people who are no longer in your life or were never there for you? Are you reminded around Mother’s or Father’s Day about the loving parent you never had? Do friends and family tell you to suck it up, just enjoy, and guilt trip you with phrases like “You’ll appreciate them more when they’re gone?”

I know how it feels. I spent years thinking that I just needed to ‘suck it up’ around relatives who very clearly didn’t like me—or insulted me to my face.  I spent years feeling obligated to spend time, money, and effort on people whom I would rather never see again. I spent years dreading the next racist, sexist, or homophobic rant at holiday dinner.  I spent years deceiving myself with phrases like “that’s just how our culture is” and “they didn’t mean it” when I felt miserable inside. I spent years feeling disgusted at the other people around me who “played along just to get along.”   

Gradually, I reclaimed the holidays on my own terms. I stopped overspending money. I started spending more time with the people I most loved and appreciated—who loved and appreciated me back. And I stopped being around people whose presence made me feel terrible—not caring what others think.

What if I told you you could enjoy the holidays again? What if I told you you could set boundaries with toxic and abusive family once and for all? What if I told you could bulletproof yourself against holiday guilt trips?
Introducing Holidays and Toxic Family: Practical Ways To Stay Sane and Take Your Joy Back

As a licensed therapist

I’ve worked with many people of all races, sexualities and genders to help them navigate the holidays. I’ve helped them stay sober when family and peer pressure told them to drink and get high. I can definitely help you “sober up” from toxic and abusive family!

Money-Back Guarantee

This book comes with a risk-free, 30-day money back guarantee. If it doesn’t work for you, I will gladly give you a refund.

Stop dreading the holidays—start enjoying them again!

What You Will Learn

—How to set boundaries with a loved one—or cut them off for your health.

—How to enjoy the holidays on your own terms.

—How to prepare and cope with “negative” emotions such as grief, rejection and loneliness during the holiday season.

—How to find your holiday family of choice.

—How to become immune to guilt trips from well-meaning—and not so well-meaning—friends and family.