Take Your Life Back From Drama.

I’m four years old. My mother yells at me to stop crying. I don’t know she lacks empathy—that she’s a narcissist. I think it’s my fault. I become an achiever to win her love and go to UC Berkeley. There, I become romantically involved with another narcissist.

I think it’s my fault that I’m being verbally abused. He flies across the country to see another woman. I accept it. I’m 22 and decide to die. I’m sick of feeling like nothing I do is right.  

I survive. I go to therapy. I earn my Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology and land a fulfilling job. I am constantly exhausted and want to quit.

It’s two years after getting my Master’s Degree. I’m in the living room of my parents’ house. I ask my brother a question—and his girlfriend turns up the volume to drown me out like I’m a nuisance. It hits me like a lightning bolt—my mother is a narcissist, and one of my siblings is involved with one. I’m not going to repeat the fucking cycle.

I join support groups. I recognize that my mother’s narcissism, racism and sexism have drawn fake friends into my life. I get loud about these things, lose fake friends, and make real friends. I start writing books about my experiences—and start my company.

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My name is Mari Verano, M.A., L.M.F.T. I am a Berkeley graduate and California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (#98192).  

I have dedicated my career to working with communities of color, including African-American high school students in East Oakland, California, and Latinx youth in the juvenile justice system.  

Many of my clients don’t want to work with me in the first place. However, my clients learn to trust me. They look forward to my sessions. This is because I meet them where they are. I don’t judge their identity. I don’t judge their experiences.

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I help people of color of all genders and sizes take their lives back from drama and step into their dreams while facing oppression that seems insurmountable. 

I help narcissistic abuse survivors of all identities set boundaries and live an authentic life by creating a container for them to be seen and raise their voices—even if they have been silenced before.  

I help marginalized people in the mental health system and beyond reclaim their power by helping them recognize the messages that have led them to play small and offering practical solutions that work—even when they have not found healers whom they trust.

I will never sell or share your e-mail address for any reason—just send you practical healing information!